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Technical Expertise To Help Your Business Thrive!


Tomorrow’s Successful Businesses Will Leverage Technology To Their Advantage. Are You Prepared?

Your competition is already looking at the field and is trying to figure out how to use technology to be more competitive in an increasingly global marketplace.

How do you beat them to the punch?

It’s simple.

You choose an IT support company that knows the difference between fixing a computer and automating a workflow to provide the best ROI for the client.

What Does the CCI Team Do Best?

This is the area of the website where the typical IT support company here in Kansas City will use a bunch of technical jargon to dazzle and confuse you into choosing them.
But we’re anything but typical.
Here are the areas in which our IT professionals excel.

Computer and Network Maintenance

Computer and Network Maintenance

Network, WiFi, Email, and Data Security

Network, WiFi, Email, and Data Security

IT-related Business Consulting

IT-related Business Consulting
Sure, there’s a lot of technical ingredients that go into IT Management, IT Security, and IT Consulting, but we believe it’s enough to say that we have the experience and expertise needed to ensure that your entire IT environment is efficient, customized, and secure.

What About New Technologies?

Let’s state it for the record. We’re tech people, and we LOVE new technologies. But even though cutting-edge gadgets and software catch our eye, we’re careful about what we introduce into your Kanas City company. We carefully investigate the technologies that we employ – ensuring that they live up to their promise and have been thoroughly vetted for dependability.

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How Does CCI Use Technical Expertise to Help Clients Stay Ahead of the Competition?

Even a single percentage point added to your bottom line is a big deal.

When the margins are that small and the stakes are that high, IT efficiency and dependability are critical.

The staff of CCI works diligently to ensure that your IT systems work – and stay working – for you.

But that’s not all.

  • Implementation – We seek out and install new technologies to help you keep pace with the competition.
  • Automation – We streamline processes by eliminating unnecessary manual input.
  • Integration – We configure your applications, so they will “talk” to each other, lowering the time you have to spend
    transferring data from one application to the next.

Our business IT consultants are always on the lookout for suggestions or IT tweaks that can be made to improve the business prospects of our clients. This is the soft skill side of our technical expertise and an aspect of our business that sets us apart from other Kansas City IT support providers.