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Do you have executive-level IT strategy and consulting that transforms business processes?


Who is Giving You Pro-Business IT Advice That Streamlines Workflow and Drives Efficiency?

The one thing that Kansas City business leaders cannot operate without is facts.

But let’s face it.

Reliable information is hard to come by sometimes.


Because everyone has an opinion and no one within your organization wants to speak truth to power.

Having an outsourced executive-level IT strategist on your side provides you with the unbiased data and advice you need to make technology-impacted decisions

What Does a CCI Strategic IT Consultant Bring to Kansas City Businesses?


Skyrocketing Revenues

If you’re serious about driving more revenue, you’re going to need a reliable foundation of business technology for your employees’ daily workflow. Every time your computers falter or fail, you lose revenue and endanger your company’s reputation with your clients. By harnessing the power of C-level IT strategies, you ensure that you have the right launching pad for skyrocketing revenues.


Rock Solid Cybersecurity

You already know that you need to mitigate your risk when doing business online. You’ve likely invested in a firewall and antivirus software, but that’s just the beginning of what should be done to secure an enterprise like yours. Utilizing current cybersecurity protocols will ensure that your staff is working in a protected IT environment and that your client’s privacy is secure.


Improve Business Operations

In every business there are gaps that can be filled, processes that can be tightened, and workflows that can be automated. Our IT Strategists work with executives and their employees to ensure that each step in their internal processes are aligned with their organizational goals and supported by integrated business technology.


Awesome Staff Morale

Your staff wants to get their work done efficiently and effectively. Their frustration level goes up, however, when troubles with your network, computers, and cloud assets keep them from getting things done on schedule. Each improvement in your IT environment helps your staff be more productive. Adding time-efficiencies and user-friendly technologies to your systems encourages them and adds to overall job satisfaction.

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5-Star Customer Confidence

When your computer systems are sluggish or crash frequently, some of your customers will get upset. Others will say they understand. But let’s face the truth. Even if they say they understand, they’re not that happy with you. Having an IT consultant on your side that helps you maintain highly reliable technology enables you to ensure that your clients have the experience they deserve.