IT Support for Law Practices

Are you looking for ways to leverage technology for greater practice efficiency and data security?


How Much Do You Know About IT Support for Law Practices? – We Know a Lot!

We don’t expect you to know the details of how your firm’s network, mobile devices, and workstations function. That’s our job – and we’re very good at it!

Let’s make a simple observation.

You, your partners, your associates, and your admin staff are professionals that offer a high level of service to your clients.


Shouldn’t your IT support company rise to the level of professionalism that you expect of yourself?

It’s time to contact the IT support specialists of CCI. We care for the security, efficiency, and day-to-day maintenance needs of law firms across the Kansas City area every day.

What About Compliance and Security?

Legal IT Support

You know better than most the intricacies of legislative compliance.
We work diligently to ensure the compliance of the IT environments that we manage – meeting industry standard and legislation-mandated compliance requirements.

Part of compliance, of course, is getting your data security up to standard.

Our IT security professionals take a holistic approach to security, implementing tools that put concentric rings of protection in place around your client files, your practice management software, your mobile applications, your cloud assets, and your financial information. Each step along the way is documented to provide proof to internal compliance officers and external auditors if needed.

What About Efficiency and Productivity?

Because we spend every day in the trenches of IT support for law firms, we know what technologies have been proven effective and dependable. From these thoroughly vetted options, we are able to make recommendations that will enable us to implement, configure, automate, and integrate technologies that will improve your in-office workflow and seamlessly synchronize it with your mobile device use.

What Other IT Support Services Does CCI Provide to Kansas City Law Offices?

  • IT Operations – Providing a proactive, comprehensive IT
    support and security package within a monthly
    subscription model.
  • Security as a Service – Securing and monitoring your
    network, WiFi, workstations, and mobile devices within a
    monthly subscription model.
  • Cybersecurity Consulting – Delivering executive-level
    cybersecurity advice and management on an ongoing
  • Supplemental IT Support Staffing – Ensuring that your
    internal IT staff have the resources and backup they need
    to do their jobs effectively.
  • Business Continuity – Working strategically to keep your
    data and workflow available during and after a localized
  • Break/Fix Services – Responding to your firm’s IT issues
    and resolving them on an hours plus materials basis.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support – Answering your Office
    365 questions, migrating your data to Office 365, and
    addressing any user issues.
  • Cloud Services – Keeping all your cloud assets working,
    secure, optimized, and synchronized with on-site assets.
  • IT Compliance – Working with you to meet and maintain
    compliance with standards.
  • Residential IT Support – Taking care of the networking, IT
    security, and device repair issues within your home,
    because not all work gets done at the office.
  • Help Desk Services – Providing the answers and
    troubleshooting your firm requires.