IT Support for Medical Offices, Organizations, and Facilities

Looking for professional IT support that understands the requirements and compliance aspects of healthcare? – We can help.


Are You Just Being Told That You Are HIPAA Compliant or Do You Have the Documentation to Prove Your Compliance?

A lot of medical practices think they are HIPAA compliant, but they’re not.

They don’t have the documentation to prove compliance.


Because HIPAA compliance is complex, and many IT support companies aren’t qualified to do the job.

Here’s an important question.

Have you considered the disruption and work involved in an HHS HIPAA audit?

A HIPAA audit requires a small mountain of paperwork/documentation, and the auditors can ask for up to six years of records. There are six audits required, and all your vendors will be examined to see if they have a Business Associate agreement in place that conforms to HIPAA mandates.

The CCI team will provide everything you need to be HIPAA compliant and will deliver the documentation you need to prove compliance.

Medical IT Services
  • 6 Required Annual Assessments/Audits
  • Documentation of All Deficiencies
  • Remediation Plans to Address Deficiencies
  • Annual Staff HIPAA Training
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Vendor and Business Associates Agreements
  • Defined Process for Breaches and Incidents

What About Security for Kansas City Healthcare Organizations?

We’re not here to scare you about cybercrime red flags that we have discovered in other healthcare businesses that thought they were secure, and we know that you are already aware of the consequences for not complying with HIPAA.

But, we do want you to know that our team of IT services professionals successfully manage the security and compliance needs of on-premises and cloud-based healthcare technology every day. We understand how consequential these two areas are for you and we’ll work diligently to ensure that your systems meet or exceed industry standards.

What Services Does CCI Offer to Medical Offices, Organizations, and Facilities?

  • IT Operations – The proactive, comprehensive IT
    maintenance, management, and ongoing operational
    monitoring your IT systems require packaged within a
    monthly subscription payment.
  • Security as a Service – The protection management you
    require for your EMR, data, network, WiFi, cloud, and
    mobile assets within a monthly subscription payment
  • Cybersecurity Consulting – The high-level IT security
    advice your executive is seeking.
  • Supplemental IT Support Staffing – The extra help your
    internal IT team is looking for to help with everything from
    menial tasks to vacation time.
  • Business Continuity – The peace of mind that comes
    from having a strategy that will keep your data and
    workflow accessible in the face of a localized disaster.
  • Break/Fix Services – The IT repairs your systems require
    on an hours plus materials basis.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support – The help you’re wanting
    to find for Office 365 migrations, configuration, and
    ongoing employee questions relating to Office 365.
  • Cloud Services – The ability to harness the advantages of
    flexibility and cost savings that the cloud offers.
  • IT Compliance – The essentials your healthcare
    organization needs to stay in line with HIPAA, PCI, and
    other relevant regulations.
  • Residential IT Support – The care you want for your home
    network and technology – because not all your work
    happens at work!
  • Help Desk Services – The real-time answers your staff
    need to get back to work quickly.