Bronze –

Business Basics

  • 24×365 Monitoring
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Hard Drive Heath Monitoring
  • Antivirus and Anti-spyware
  • Microsoft patches and updates, installation and monitored confirmation
  • Key third party application patches and updates, installation and monitored confirmation

Gold –

Polished Efficiency

All of the above, plus:

  • Most repair services covered under Gold contract.
  • Microsoft Office Software suite for both desktop and mobile
  • Desktop backups
  • Priority onsite scheduling
  • SLA’s

Elite –

Operational Excellence

All of the above, plus:

  • Managed security services
  • Reduced overtime rates
  • User moves/adds/changes at no charge
  • Virtual CIO (technology roadmap customized for your organization)

 IT Management

Preemptive Model


The traditional break-fix model means we, the consultants, get paid when things break. The more breakage, the more money we make. This model seems all wrong.

Why don’t we turn this around to where your IT provider is vested in things not breaking, in being preemptive? Now not breaking is a win-win for the customer and the provider – seems like a better model.

Billing as flat and level as you want, outsourced headaches, leveraging cloud functionality – solutions that just work.

 IT Management

Cyber Security


Cyber security is the process of balancing risk, with resources. What is an acceptable level of expense, acceptable level of inconvenience (one large corporation in Kansas City has had their information security department affectionately named “The Department of Revenue Prevention), and acceptable level of assumed risk. What should you be doing to lower your risk or as is said in “cyber talk” reduce your attack surface. We can help!

 IT Management

CISO As A Service


Many businesses want IT represented in the boardroom and yet can’t afford a CISO or CIO. There’s a growing legislative movement requiring, even small organizations, to have a CIO or CISO. There are industry best practice litmus tests complicating simply giving a current staff person a C-level title. CCI Team can provide a cost effective contract CIO/CISO. Maybe you have a mature IT department, but are struggling with standing up an independent information security/assurance department. These are areas we come alongside an organization to support.

 IT Management

Residential IT Support

Fast & Reliable

Homes aren’t much different than a small business. Computers need to work and inter-work. Yet, these systems under attack from malware, broken updates, nothing backed up, and the list goes on.

Talk to us about our Residential Managed Service options for flat-monthly rates to keep your home computer happy.

 IT Management


Forward-Thinking Solutions

We could put a lot of consultant speak here about strategic resource alignment and what not, but that’s not how we communicate. Frankly, your computers need to support where your business is going. For most organizations, IT functionality directly affects your bottom line. If it doesn’t affect yours, we’re sorry, we hear black-smithing is a dying industry and you have our sympathy. For the remaining 99.9%, we get how important technology is to you and will assist in whatever your needs are.