Supplement Your Internal IT Team with Outsourced IT Operations Professionals

Is your in-house IT staff overburdened? Do they need a little help? – Keep reading!


Outsourced IT Operations Personnel to Assist Your Internal IT Team

Do you have full-time IT technicians already on staff?

That’s great!

We love working with internal IT teams and helping them do their best work.

Do You Recognize Any of These Problems?

  • IT staff that are overworked and overwhelmed.
  • IT personnel that are so tied up with daily, monotonous tasks that they don’t have time to put into big-picture, pro-growth projects.
  • IT budgets that can’t support another full-time IT technician, but workload that demands more IT support manpower.
  • IT staff that can’t relax in the evening after work because they are always on call.
  • IT staff that can’t take time off, sick time, or vacation time because there is no one to cover for them.

It’s time to give your IT staff the help that they need, and we have just the people who can make that happen for you.

Check Out the Advantages of Hiring CCI as Your Supplementary, Outsourced IT Support Team!

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

No need to hire another part-time or full-time employee and pay for vacation time, benefits, and sick days.



Use CCI personnel as little or as much as needed to complete IT tasks and routine maintenance.

Accessible Expertise

Accessible Expertise

Make the most of the breadth of experience and specialization that our team offers to round out anything your internal IT staff needs to know.

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Some of the Things CCI Does to Help Internal IT Teams

  • Remote security and efficiency monitoring
  • Advising on compliance matters
  • Cybersecurity audits
  • Daily maintenance tasks
  • Vacation, maternity, and sick time fill-in
  • Off-hours emergency IT support
  • Help Desk for the IT questions of the other employees
  • Anything else… We do it all to help you function better.