Strategic Partners

We work with the best in the world to provide you with stable, secure, and efficient business technology.


Who You Work With Matters, Doesn’t It? – Our Strategic Partnerships

A baker will tell you that their cake is as only as good as the ingredients that go into making that cake.

A productive business IT environment is the same.

The people that develop, supply, and provide vendor support for the hardware and software we use are a vital link in the chain. They allow us to give our valued clients the robust IT environment that their daily internal processes require.

We’re proud to partner with some of the world’s leading developers of internal and cloud hardware and software.

  • Microsoft Support in Kansas City
  • Dell Support in Kansas City
  • HP Support in Kansas City
  • Unitrends Support in Kansas City
  • Datto Support in Kansas City
  • Kaseya Support in Kansas City
  • Trend Micro Support in Kansas City
  • Bitdefender Support in Kansas City
  • Veeam Support in Kansas City
  • Alien Vault Support in Kansas City
  • Printer Logic Support in Kansas City
  • Secure Now Support in Kansas City
  • ID Agent Support in Kansas City

Do We Force Clients to Use Hardware and Software from Our Vendor Partners?

Certainly not! We are careful to maintain a “supplier neutral” or “technology agnostic” position. Although we are glad to make informed, researched recommendations within our IT consulting framework, we will not force a client to choose our provider over another.

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How Does a Company Become One of Our Strategic Partners?

As you may have already assumed, technology companies are very aggressive in their approach to sales and getting IT support companies to use, sell, or endorse their products. In our evaluation of potential strategic supply partnerships, we use the following criteria.

  1. Does the potential supplier have a proven track record?
  2. Does the potential supplier have a reputation for standing behind their products?
  3. Do the products offered by the potential supplier meet a need in our clients’ organizations?
  4. Are the products offered by the supplier tested and reliable?
  5. Are the products offered by the supplier reasonably priced for our clients?
  6. Is the future of the supplier’s company secure? – Will they be around when we need them?