Help Desk Services

How much time could your employees save if they had real-time access to IT answers?


Does Your Staff Have Access to the Information and Troubleshooting They Need?

No employer likes to see their employees wasting their time and running around in circles trying to figure out how to make their technology work.

It’s just not productive.

Worse yet, it’s money down the drain.

That’s why Kansas City business leaders have partnered with CCI for Help Desk Services.

Our outsourced IT answers and troubleshooting service allows your team to stay on task.

How Does Our Help Desk Service Work?

The most important thing for you to know about our Help Desk Service is that our phones and email are answered by qualified, experienced, local technicians.

Why does that matter?

When you call CCI with an IT question or a troubleshooting request, we begin working to help you immediately. This is a stark contrast to IT support firms that outsource their Help Desk Services to out-of-state or overseas call centers or firms that triage calls through a dispatch operator. Instead, the CCI team takes the proactive approach of providing you with our best the moment we pick up the phone or open your email or portal help ticket.

We run our Help Desk Service during business hours but are available for emergency issues after hours.

What is the Help Desk Service Process?

Step #

Your employee contacts CCI via phone, email, or online portal.

Step #

We answer the phone or reply to your email or portal help ticket and provide the information we can supply immediately.

Step #

If your request is a troubleshooting issue, we create a Help Desk Service ticket to track and report progress. You receive automatic emails as the ticket is updated through the process.

Step #

We continue to work on your issue and assign additional resources to the problem depending on what’s required to resolve the issue.

Step #

Most issues can be resolved remotely, but we won’t hesitate to roll a truck to your location if that becomes necessary and is approved by you.

Step #

Once the issue has been resolved and tested, you are notified of the fix and the Help Desk ticket is closed.