Helping IT become a Secure SMB Asset

Your technology needs to work. For many small businesses, tech is a distraction from the important. It keeps you from focusing on growing, improving and enhancing your organization. All the talk about IT becoming a strategic enabler is great, but many SMB's are still at the "please don't break on me" point.

Picture your technology as an asset, something that propels you forward, like spraying Pledge on your children's slide. A tool that enhances your organization's ability to compete, to serve, to respond. This is where we want to take you.

Your technology needs to be secure. CCITeam specializes in merging tech with security. Too much rides on a company's ability to repel threats. In the old days, leaders shrugged and said, "Why would anyone want my data?" In today's day and age, your infrastructure is a gold-mine, and needs to be protected as such.

Contact us to start that conversation. We are very poor at sales. Instead, starting at the first meeting, we want to know what your needs and concerns - that communication sets the agenda and pace going forward.





If someone else can run arbitrary code on your computer, it’s not YOUR computer any more.
— Rich Kulawiec