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Is moving into the cloud the best thing for your business?


How Much of Your Workflow Should be in the Cloud?

Whether you fell in love with the cloud from the very beginning or have never warmed up to the idea of some of your data or parts of your workflow being housed offsite, cloud computing is here to stay.
So, here are the questions.

  • How can you position your company to make the most of
    cloud potential while keeping control and staying secure?
  • How much of your data or workflow should be in the
  • Can you rely on the cloud to maintain your compliance
    with industry standards and legislation?

There are a hundred similar questions that we have heard from Kansas City business leaders over the past few years, and we’ve got the answers!

Our cloud specialists take the time to understand the data storage and workflow requirements of your business in order to make insightful and tailored suggestions as to your cloud footprint.

Are All Cloud Options the Same?

No. The “cloud” can refer to several different setups. Each cloud option is valuable but comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

In this situation, servers in your facility act as cloud servers.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

In this scenario, a company rents server space from a data center.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

This option is used when companies want to keep some of their cloud footprint in-house and some in an offsite data center.

Not sure what cloud option is right for your business? We can help!
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What Can the Cloud Do for Your Business?

It is likely that you already have some of your processes in a cloud environment. Everything from email to mobile device apps and banking is now standard cloud fare. But what you really want to know is, “If I move more of my processes into the cloud, will that help my business?” Here are a few advantages of moving business function into the cloud.

  • Business Continuity Capability – preserving your
    business from localized disaster
  • Mobility – Utilizing your workflow out of the office
  • Scalability – Adjusting your IT asset use within the cloud
    instead of buying internal hardware
  • Affordability – Saving money by renting space, function,
    management, maintenance, and security within the cloud
  • Collaboration and Communications – Using the modern
    infrastructure of the cloud and internet for collaboration
    and communication instead of outdated landline
    business telephone systems