You are facing risk! | Cybersecurity and Viruses

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RISK: “expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss.” (  We face risk every day. Some risks we can avoid and others we can’t. When we drive a car, we risk a possible accident or maybe getting stranded if the car breaks down. Risk is a fact of life.  As many know, a fountain pen is more prone to leak versus … Read More

NIST Releases Guidance Solutions for PACS Ecosystem

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Given how medical providers struggle with ensuring their data is safe, something had to be done to offer guidance. Read this blog about a new cybersecurity plan.   The picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is an ecosystem that stores images that are gathered from medical imaging technology. This ecosystem offers a convenient platform where medical providers can store and … Read More

Want To Drastically Enhance Your Small Business Cybersecurity?

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No matter how secure you may be right now, you could always be doing more. Have you double-checked your cybersecurity lately? Review the best practices below to strengthen your small business cybersecurity. When everything is going well, the last thing you want to do is think about what will happen when something goes wrong. It’s not necessary to dwell on … Read More

Downtime Is Extremely Expensive – Can You Actually Afford It?

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Downtime is bad for business. Whether you agree or not, it’s a fact – just a couple years ago, small businesses with up to 50 million in annual revenue reported that just a single hour of downtime cost them $8,600. Why Does Downtime Cost So Much? The main cost of downtime is not the fix itself, it’s the halt in … Read More

Microsoft Excel Experts SWEAR By This…

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Businesses nowadays collect an incredible volume of data from various sources, including online sales, in-store-transactions, social media, and various other places. So how do you find value in that data? The simple answer: Organizing it properly within worksheets. Ready to unlock the potential of your data? If you want to analyze and make sense of the information you’re storing, here’s … Read More

Which Cloud Storage is Right For Your Business

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Don’t Be Confused When It Comes to Cloud Storage Options Cloud storage helps your employees share and collaborate like never before. Check out these three popular cloud storage solutions to find the one best for you!   Businesses are making the switch from physical servers to cloud storage to increase productivity and streamline file-sharing capabilities. This short review looks at … Read More

Happy Halloween ?

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Happy Halloween! What better time than now to tell some scary stories? Ok, so they’re not “scary stories” per se, but facts that will alarm AND spook you. A cyber-attack happens every 39 seconds. Over 75% of the healthcare industry was infected with malware last year. Human error accounts for 95% of ALL breaches that happen. Over 77% of companies … Read More

Fitbit Amplifies Healthcare by Offering Fitness and Coaching Platform

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Fitbit, a leader in health and technology, has recently introduced a new digital product to help individuals reach their goals faster with a more manageable approach. Fitbit Care is a combination of the company’s popular fitness tracking devices with a new health coaching platform that addresses everything from wellness and prevention to chronic conditions and complex care management. Designed to … Read More