BEWARE! Top Scams in 2020!

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With the increase in e-commerce and online marketing, cybersecurity threats are continuing to flood the marketplace. Scammers are adept at using fear to convince people to do irrational things, such as disclosing confidential or financial information. The best guard against scammers is to constantly stay informed about the latest methods they are using in the marketplace. Below are the 5 … Read More

Managed Service Providers (MSP): A Small Business IT Solution

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According to Glassdoor estimates, a single IT manager pulls an average annual salary of more than $85,000. For small business owners, this can be a tough pill to swallow. You can’t afford to operate without an IT expert in your corner to oversee major business functions like data management, information security, or general technical support and troubleshooting — but you … Read More

What are web cookies?

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You have probably noticed the “accept cookies” pop up button on websites you visit. Most of the time, you click accept and move on with your business without giving it a second thought. Sometimes, you might be left wondering what are web cookies, and should you be concerned about allowing websites to collect them?

Risk Assessments: Protecting Your Small Business

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In 2018, 4iQ reported that cybercriminals were preying on small businesses more than ever. The 2020 Verizon Breach Report confirmed that cyberattacks on small companies compromised credentials, personal or medical information, or internal details a combined 96% of the time.  Risk is an inherent component of operating a business. Still, not all risk is created equal—and the hidden costs of … Read More

Using Public Wi-Fi: How to Stay Secure

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person using public wi-fi

Although offices nationwide have begun the process of reopening, Gallup reported that 59% of employees would prefer to work remotely as much as possible after restrictions have been lifted. One question that arises when considering the implications of working virtually is: how do businesses stay safe if employees use public Wi-Fi?

Three Common Phishing Attempts

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man dealing with phishing

As the use of technology expands and more individuals utilize social media platforms and emails, phishing has become more complicated and harder to detect. Phishing is a way for scammers to trick victims into clicking on fake URL’s and links or posing as other people for the purpose of stealing the victim’s personal information.

Does your WIFI randomly drop out?

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Have you ever been working and all of a sudden your WIFI signal drops? Maybe it doesn’t completely go away, but slows down tremendously. What is causing this? Is your internet service provider (ISP) having issues? Before you call your ISP, let’s take a look at some other common causes. Interference What is interference? Our friends over at Hospitality Wifi … Read More

Should you rent or own your WIFI router?

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Have you ever considered whether you should rent a router or purchase your own? What’s the big difference? Let’s take a look at owning your own versus renting one from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Are you technically savvy? If you aren’t familiar with setting up a WIFI router, you want to take this into consideration. If you don’t feel … Read More

Where should you point your WIFI antenna?

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With the recent quarantine and stay at home order, your home wifi connection is very important, especially if your work depends on it. It’s not the time for something to go wrong with it. If you’re getting a weak signal, it could be that an external antenna on your router isn’t pointed in the right direction. While that could seem … Read More