Communication Concepts is a compact cyber security and IT consulting provider. Our goal is to come alongside your organization and ensure that technology is assisting your success, not inhibiting it.

 Nathan Maxwell


Our lead engineer, Nathan Maxwell, has been in the IT industry for 20+ years. He has provided technology assistance to a wide variety of businesses. From two person law firms, to organizations 100x’s that size.

Nathan’s focus in on a combination of cyber security and IT operations. In this day and age, you need your network engineer to be first, a cyber security expert, and second, a network professional.

Beyond technical skills, Nathan will integrate well into your organization. He gets business, business flow and people – the soft skills that are so important.



CCITeam is pleased to include Annie. Annie handles help-desk services calls. Her cheerful, skilled assistance resolves most problems quickly and painlessly.

Why Us?

Let’s state the obvious, there are many, many IT service providers in the Kansas City area. Assume that even just 25% are quality, that still leaves quite a few to choose from. What sets us apart?

Business Sense

Our clients tell us, “You guys get how our business operates!” We work in a variety of verticals, from non-profits, to medical, to legal, to professional services – we’ve seen alot. Our goal is to not just be another vendor, but to integrate into your organization. When you call a plumber or copier repair person – likely they’re just a phone number, there’s no relationship.

We focus on the relationship. We want to know how your business functions, what’s important to it. We observe employee workflows, looking for ways to increase productivity. We strive to be more than just a name under “IT” in your phone – we are a relationship IT service provider.


Another common theme we hear from our existing clients is this, “You guys explain things in a way we can understand.” Yes, there’s an entire language the IT industry speaks. Our job is to be your technology jargon interpreter. Firewall rulesets and virtualization are things we work with daily, and seek to make understandable to you. If you are tired of mentally checking out 30 seconds into a conversation with your current provider, give us a try.

Minimizing CallBacks

Call-backs are a challenge for our entire industry. We are not immune to this. Technology has so many layers, and is so interconnected that when you work on one thing, you risk breaking something else. As a staff, we work very hard on thoroughness, double-checking, and attention to detail. These combined have resulted in a “call-back” or “ticket re-open” percentage that is so low it’s not even trackable in our service-desk software.