About the CCITEAM


Who We Are

How did we get started and what do we stand by?

Founded in 1995, CCITeam (formerly Communication Concepts, Inc.) is a full service cyber security, compliance and IT firm, headquartered in the US heartland. President and CEO, Nathan Maxwell saw an important unmet need for a quality IT and cyber security provider that treated their clients more like family, rather than just a  'number'. With over twenty years of experience in enterprise-level corporations, Nathan founded CCITeam with four core principals; care, ownership, sharing knowledge, and loyalty. Each of these principals are what make CCI one of the most trusted managed IT and security providers in the region.

Today, CCITeam is run by a tight-knit, carefully selected group of IT support professionals serving clients across the midwest and beyond.

Our Core Values

What are our core values and how are we different?

  • CARE

    We genuinely care about your every question and concern.


    Technology is often about problem solving. We own problems. Those we can’t fix, we stay engaged and assist as can.


    We share knowledge so that our clients can learn and grow. When our clients want to learn, we are all about sharing and teaching them.


    We are loyal to each and every client. When you start with us, you're not just a number, but we make a point to build a relationship and truly show we care about your every need.

See us in action

We believe that being quality IT is more that just head-knowledge and certifications, but care, and ultimately a quality solution to your concerns.

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